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Reason why i was arrested in Dubai – Tonto dikeh Controversial

Tonto Dikeh, a Nollywood actress, has spoken out about why she was arrested in Dubai in order to refute crossdresser Bobrisky’s story.

Dikeh was allegedly arrested in Dubai in 2019 for using pot, according to Bobrisky.

After their fight, Dikeh and Bobrisky have been immersed in a major conflict.

On Tuesday, the Nollywood actress resorted to Instagram to strike out at Bobrisky, claiming that she was jailed in Dubai for unauthorized filming and using abusive language toward a security officer.

She stated that knowledge is extremely essential in life and that Bobrisky should have known that consuming pot in Dubai is punishable by a four- to six-year prison sentence.

Even if you want to be the daughter of the President. In reality, the ruler of Dubai has his own daughter imprisoned for years for a minor offence,” she remarked.

Dikeh went on to say that her incident with Dubai authorities was documented on every blog in the country.

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“My confrontation with Dubai authorities was taped and broadcast on every blog in the country; fortunately, Dubai has public records on my case, which involved illegal filming and nasty language directed at a security officer. “Get a life, Bobrisky,” she added.

Bobrisky had taken to Instagram to criticize Dikeh, claiming that he had ceased speaking with her in 2020.

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Tonto, let’s fast forward to your arrest in Dubai. Because you were intoxicated and high, you insulted the Dubai police.

“Back then, I tried everything I could to keep you under control, but I couldn’t. You were detained in a Dubai police cell for two days.

“No one knew where you were imprisoned.” I was sobbing and called individuals I knew in Dubai to find out where you were imprisoned.

“You were released after two days, and the cops took your phone and the marijuana you had with you and charged you in court.”

“I took out my SIM card and gave you my phone so you could immediately upload some images on your page so Stella and other blogs wouldn’t laugh at us,” he explained.

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