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Nigerians React to Video of Beautiful Lady Approaching Man Selling Yoghurt and Begging Him for N100

A Nigerian lady with the TikTok username @jojooflele made a yoghurt vendor happy by giving him money and supplies. Before the man was blessed, the lady played a joke on him by asking for N100 to see how generous he is.

Many Nigerians who watched the video stated it made them cry because of how she touched his heart.

On TikTok, a young lady known as @jojooflele is famous for placing smiles on the faces of unsuspecting people.

The lady was seen in a video begging a man selling yoghurt from a cart for N100. The man said ‘no’ without realizing he was being pranked.

Generosity is rewarded. Instead, the merchant handed her a piece of yoghurt worth the amount she requested. The lady smiled at the camera that was recording her.

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She offered the man bunches of naira notes as a prize. The man hesitated to take the money with a smile on his face.

When he eventually did, @jojooflele added some meal items for him to use to break his fast with. It should be noted that the video was shot during Ramadan. Take a look at the video below.


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