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“Prepare to be depressed at least 5 times a week” – Nigerian lady tells those planning to relocate to the U.K (video)

A Nigerian lady living in the UK has a powerful message for others preparing to move there in quest of better opportunities.

This occurs in the midst of the present desire to move abroad because of the situation of the country, which includes factors like insecurity and unfavorable economic conditions, among others.

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The young woman added in a video posted to TikTok that she wouldn’t advise Nigerians to move to the UK, but that they should be ready for depression.

Nigerian lady tells

Nigerian lady

She argued that the idea of toughness in Nigeria differs significantly from what is possible in the U.K., therefore they should be mentally prepared for the worst.

Social media users’ reactions to the video have been confused, especially those Nigerians who are preparing to leave their country.

See some reactions below,

@alaji_bolaji_official wrote,

“If you are depressed go home go back to your trenches , ah , na you know why you are depressed stop discouraging others”

@sylvias_bonnet wrote,

“Like there’s no depression here. I’ll rather be depressed inside 24/hrs light than no light and generator sound want to tear my ear”

@arteta9 wrote,

“We go still enter madam”

However, some Nigerians based in the U.K expressed agreement with her and explained why Nigerian migrants tend to get depressed after relocating abroad.

@akingbade_belinda wrote,

“She just said it in a subtle and very funny way, but it’s no joke.

Relocating to the UK without any close friends or family around. Relocating with no money but enough debt that you acquired when coming to pay for school.

Relocating and starting a job you never imagined yourself doing.

That is if you are lucky enough to earn money to sort all of this.

While struggling to keep your head above water and thinking of how to renew your visa after its expiration, depression will set in.

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Better prepare yourself and determine that no matter what you will succeed.

It’s a land of opportunity, but money don’t get picked on the floor”

@thearike wrote,

“This babe didn’t lie at all! How do u explain working your ass off and they remove tax, NI, pension. After that u would pay so much for bills.

But I’d rather stay here than stay in Nigeria so if you have the opportunity pls come for the sake of your future. Just be mentally ready that’s all this girl is saying y’all should stop bashing her.”

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