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“I can only be a housewife if my husband pays me $77k a month,” says Moe Odele, a lawyer.

Moe Odele, a Nigerian lawyer and activist, has stated that she will only agree to be a housewife if her husband pays her $77k per month (N32 million).

Odele stated in a tweet that if her husband agrees to her pricing, she will gladly quit her career and devote her time to her family full-time.

She also indicated that if she could find a man willing to give her such a fee, she would clean and dishwash the house.

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“Becoming a housewife comes at a cost to me.” I’ll wash plates for $77k a month if you pay me. ‘A good lady keeps her home by being a virtuous woman,’ I’ll just start tweeting. She sent out a tweet.

Moe Odele

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