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Deliberate attempt to steal the show from the bride” – Nigerians react to a lady’s outfit to a wedding she was a guest at (video)

The attire worn by a young Nigerian lady who was a guest at a recent wedding has gotten a lot of attention.

The unknown lady arrived at the venue dressed in a flowing, elegantly crafted crimson gown and could easily have been mistaken for the bride.

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The bride, on the other hand, appears to be a minimalist, dressed simply in traditional white and gold attire with modest accessories to match.

In addition to her attire, the wedding guest wore a flashy fan.

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Netizens condemned the wedding guest of upstaging the bride on her big day in response to the viral video, however some maintained that there was nothing wrong with her dress. As you scroll down, you’ll see several remarks.

An Instagram user @wunmit1 wrote, “They should ask her if the husband was her Ex because this her dressing is for a purpose. She dress pass the wife self 😂😂😂”.

@prizzygat, “Nor con outshine me for my own wedding oooo bcos na bouncer go carry u go your HORSEBAND house🙄😒😏”.

@misskamsi1, “If you dress like this to my wedding you’re just looking for my trouble”.

@combatsportsafrica_, “Shout out to the girl She is free to dress as she pleases”.

@priinceart_international, “A very deliberate attempt to steal the show from d real owner 😂😂 Awon groom Ex committe”.

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