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Dating working-class guy is like using Android phone, I prefer yahoo boys – Lady

Young lady Claims in Her Video That She Would Date a Yahoo Boy Any Day and Gives Reasons

After disclosing the type of male she prefers, a woman received a flood of responses on social media.

Her decision to choose a yahoo guy over a working-class man who is struggling to make ends meet drew criticism from several people.

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The woman claimed that acquiring money from someone who commits fraud is simple because he could quickly credit one.

A young woman has confidently stated that she would select a scammer from Yahoo over a person who works legally to make his money.

A woman claimed in a vox pop video that receiving money from a yahoo boyfriend was simple since he could send her N50,000 whenever she needed it.

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He is capable of meeting necessities.
She claims that a man from the working class who would give an explanation for having only N20,000 in his budget would be in the opposite situation.

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She compared dating a man from the working class to having an android phone, which is comparatively inferior to owning an iPhone.

She added that there are several women out there that are interested yahoo lads, demonstrating that she is not alone in this.

View the video here:

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