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I didn’t attend higher institution, but I’m brainy and smarter than people who went to the best of schools’ (Kudirat Ogunro)

Talented Nigerian actress Kudirat Ogunro, who is also an entrepreneur, has claimed clearly that she is wiser and more intellectual than certain people who have really been through the four walls of a university, despite not having had the opportunity to attend a higher institution.

“Believing in myself from the start is the most important lesson I’ve learned. I can confidently assert that, despite not attending a higher institution, I am intelligent and smarter than some people who attended the best universities.

I have learnt not to give up on my dreams, and I am always following due process because nothing in this world is automatic,” she told The Sun Newspapers in a recent interview.

Kudirat Ogunro responded, “It has not been easy. When asked how she has been dealing as a single mother and what advice she has for other single mothers out there, I’d be lying a lot if I said it had been simple. I’ll start crying if I think about my life’s journey right now.

I used to hawk ewedu (vegetables) when my child was just a few weeks old, or when I worked as a dish washer in an amala joint in Yaba, in order to survive

Or is it when my mother sent me out of the house, and my daughter and I had to put up with my friends, who were seven already in a small room?

But I praise God for his fortitude and for how I was able to overcome obstacles with perseverance and hard work.

Single mothers aren’t all the same, you know. While some widows are left with some property or assistance from their husbands’ families, others are collecting allowances from their baby daddy.

My situation is absolutely different because my baby daddy isn’t at anyway accountable, despite the fact that I have one. Therefore, I would advise other single mothers to find themselves early, be intelligent, and work hard.

Kudirat Ogunro claimed that despite her heartbreaks, she hasn’t set her heart against marriage.

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She says, “Chai! This specific question really gets under my skin. My heart has been terribly torn, which means I have experienced numerous love disappointments.

But because I enjoy falling in love, I won’t say that I’ll never try it again. I’m willing to get married, but this time I’ll think very carefully before I commit.

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