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He Got Tired: Man Suffers Fatigue after Betting with Suya Man about Being Able to Eat all his Meat in Video

He Suffered Fatigue After Betting with Suya Man on Being Able to Eat All of His Meat in Video.

After failing a meat eating challenge they had bet on, a Nigerian man got into trouble with a suya man, according to multiple reports.

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He had bet with the suya man that he would be able to finish his meats worth over N22k. They agreed that if the man consumed the suya successfully, he wouldn’t have to pay anything, but things went wrong for him.

A man’s risky gamble with a suya man backfired when he developed postprandial weariness. According to @gossipmilltv, the man had bet with a suya man that he could finish all of the meat.

Actual details of the man’s deal with the suya vendor Accepting the man’s challenge, the suya man agreed that if he could finish the meat, he wouldn’t have to pay anything.

The agreement also stated that if the guy was unable to complete the task, he would have to pay the suya man money for the meat he was able to finish.

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According to the Instagram blog, the man ate steak costing N12, 200 out of a total of N22, 700 and became exhausted. The suya was worth N25k, according to @instablog9ja, who also shared a video of the exhausted man.

Despite the fact that both accounts disagreed on the entire value of the suya, they both stated that the man did join the bet with the suya.

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