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Dirty Secrets Fly As Maria and Angel Drag Each Other Over Escapades With Men on BBNaija Reunion

When Angel and Maria proceeded to shame each other over what they had done with guys, the BbNaija reunion took a turn for the worse.

Angel was in every man’s public and private business in the house, Maria pointed out, and the latter countered that everyone knew what kind of person she was.

The fact that Maria was publicly shamed for following a married man she is still rumored to be with was Angel’s reply.

The Big Brother Naija reunion show is set to be an elevated affair, with the ex-housemates sparing no words or acts.

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Maria and Angel had a moment in a recent episode that was spotted online where they chose to drag each other over their excursions with guys.

The statement elicited a variety of reactions from the other ex-housemates present, who made amusing facial and body movements in response.

Maria retorted, as predicted, by pointing out that when Angel was in the home, she kissed every male and had her hands in their pants.

She also threatened Angel not to reveal the sequence of things she did in Dubai, but the threat didn’t faze Angel, who pointed out that everyone has known who she was when she first appeared on the show.


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