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Why Angel Smith’s Mum, Titi Shouldn’t Be Criticized For Her Exuberant Lifestyles

Few hours ago, a certain comment got the attention of Angel Smith’s mum, Titi on Tiktok. She posted a video of herself participating in a Tiktok challenge.

She was only vibing to a song titled ‘Big Thug Boys’ by ‘AV’ in the video but a particular Tiktok user deemed it wrong. The user commented under the video that ‘respect yourself na this woman’.

Reacting to the mean comment, Titi tagged the user in a new Tiktok dance video and said “learn to mind the business that pays you”. This is not the first time that Angel Smith’s mother “Titi” would receive such comment from people but it is high time people actually put an end to it.

How she reacted to the comment

Angel Smith

Titi is only doing what makes her happy and people should respect that. Also, she is roughly in her late 30s, thus there is no reason why she should be criticized for showing such youthful enthusiasm and vigor. Having a child doesn’t change the fact that she is young.

She asked someone who tried to chide her in the comment section that: “So, I should rest in my 30s? I pray you get to your 30s and be resting”. This makes it crystal clear that she only wants to enjoy the vitality of her youthfulness and have the best time of her life.

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Just like Titi said, people who always adjudge themselves as ‘moral police’ actually need to mind their business and stop looking for loopholes in what people do all the time. There is nothing bad in someone just trying to have a good time by participating in a tiktok challenge.

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