Most Southern Leaders Are Working To Tackle Insecurity In Their Lands-Adamu Garba 

    Adamu Garba, a former Senator from Yobe south was on his Facebook account to talk about what leaders from the north and southern part of the country are doing.

    In his post on Facebook, Adamu Garba noted that most of the leaders from the southern part of the country are working to attack insecurity in their lands, he said the southern leaders are also working to cover their political and social control, while leaders from the north are busy getting married or marrying their children off to be later presented on Instagram

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    I know that the government is apprehensive of all the instability issues happening and path are being taken to insure that insecurity becomes a thing of the history. As the southern leaders are working hard to check insecurity in their region, I’m also sure the northern leaders are also trying their best to put an end to insecurity in their region also.

    Read what Adamu Garba said about northern and southern leaders below.

    IMG 20211223 093657

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