Top 4 BBNaija Female Stars Who Are Projected To End The Year 2021 As Most Valuable Brand

    At the moment, there are a good number of BBNaija’s former female housemates who are doing well for themselves as creative brands.

    For a fact, I must say that it is never easy to maintain positive momentum as a female brand; but, some BBNaija female stars seem to be navigating their success path with much confidence. 


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    And, they are not just increasing their fan base, but they are also adequately transforming themselves into viable brands. Interestingly, as the year 2021 is coming to an end quite soon, I was curious to predict which ex-housemates would probably end the year among the most valuable female brands.

    Notably, my research was based on some vital indicators such as social influence, fans’ enthusiasm, and quality trends. And, in no particular order, I was able to come up with Top 4 names of BBNaija’s female ex-housemates who would most likely end the year 2021 as Most Valuable brands, as outlined below:


    BBNaija Female StarsHer full name is Katrina Jones, but she is fondly known as Ka3na, and she is practically a fun-loving personality. Though, while she likes to embrace the fun side of things, she has also been quite focused on building her presence as a top-quality brand.

    At the moment, she is largely making good strides as an entrepreneur and brand influencer. Ka3na is also enjoying some very good impressions as a fashionista. Interestingly, her strong point seems to be her undiluted Confidence to succeed, regardless of the odds.

    Mercy Eke:

    Arguably, Mercy Eke, aka Mercy Lambo aka ‘Queen Highlights’, is widely referred to as the most valuable female housemate in the history of the BBNaija franchise.

    BBNaija Female Stars

    BBNaija Female Stars

    She is one young lady who is often strategic in achieving her objectives, and that has been a major part of what defines her personality. Of course, permit me to mention, that Mercy Eke remains the first & ONLY female to have won the BBNaija grand prize in all of its 6 seasons.

    At the moment, she is making boss-lady moves as an actress, beauty brand influencer, entrepreneur, and fashion brand.

    Quite notably, her strong point appears to be a blend of her enviable Beauty & Passion.


    Interestingly, Angel Smith, aka Angel, is such a charming personality with blunt thoughts. Sometimes, some of her thoughts on issues of common concern tend to divide public opinions; but she wouldn’t mind, as long as her side of the view is adequately understood.

    BBNaija Female Stars

    BBNaija Female Stars

    It is worth noting that Angel might not have won the BBNaija 2021 edition, but she is still undoubtedly a strong favorite personality among esteemed fans. At the moment, she is trying to establish a sustainable brand as a creative writer and fashion entrepreneur.

    And, without any doubt, she often gains strong impressions whenever she slays as a fashionista. Nonetheless, her strong point seems to be her undeniable dose of Confidence.


    The beautiful Maria Chike is one young lady who has got much passion for whatever endeavor she ventures into. Regardless of the circumstances, she always has that positive mindset to achieve good yields.

    BBNaija Female Stars

    BBNaija Female Stars

    Quite notably, she was another strong contender from the BBNaija 2021 edition; but, outside the reality show, she’s been evolving as a genuine viable brand. Relatively, she’s been evolving not only as a celebrity brand but also as an individual with much balanced creative values.

    At the moment, Maria is proudly a beauty brand, potential entrepreneur, and fashion brand. And, her strong point appears to be a good blend of her Courage & Beauty.

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