Liquorose Style Inspiration To Help You Pull Off The Chic Tomboy Look(Photos)

    Apart from being a hot stepper on the dance floor, Liquorose is also quite stylish, which is one of the things that sets her apart from the crowd. Although she is good with nice and girly ensembles but even a blind man can sense that Liquorose is a tomboy at heart.

    She appears to have a diverse style and enjoys trying on new clothing. There’s always something to learn from Liquorose when it comes to tomboy fashion ideas. Take a look at her style in the photos below.

    1. Haircut: First and foremost, you must take advantage of the boys’ good looks by getting some great haircuts. This provides you a nice appearance and adds a lot of elegance to your ensemble.


    2. Second, choose simple t-shirts in neutral colors. Nothing too bright and you should also purchase some t-shirts with a unique designs. Tomboyish clothing includes shirts with band names, skater themes, and skulls.

    3. You’re going to require some good pants.


    If you know anything about tomboys, you already know that they don’t wear skirts, dresses, or anything fancy. Unless you’re going to a dinner party and need to dress up. Nice pants such as basketball shorts or khaki pants will do the trick.

    4. Ripped or any nice jeans are also in trend.


    So you might as well put a pair or two in your cart.

    5. Now, if you don’t want to give up the idea of wearing girly things, and you feel like wearing a crop top one day, you can.


    It goes well with a pair of jeans and a pair of Converse sneakers. Go for it if you can pull off the tomboy style with a crop top

    6. Baggy clothes won’t hurt.


    When it’s hot outside, wear some shorts. Shorts that will touch your knees are good to go

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    7. Don’t forget your shoes, chains and any other accessories


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