2 reasons why BbNaija housemate Queen needed to call out the interviewer who misquoted her

    Earlier this week, an Arise news interviewer told Big Brother Naija winner, White Money that his  best friend, BbNaija housemate Queen referred to him as Daddy in an interview.

    Hearing this, White Money doubted the statement but the lady insisted that she has video evidence of Queen’s interview and this prompted him to accept.

    However, the revelation made by the Arise news interviewer did not sit well with BbNaija Housemate Queen, as she called out the interviewer online.

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    Queen denied saying such a thing during her interview with Arise news and also asked the lady to have a second look at her alleged video evidence.

    Some social media users were of the opinion that it was not a big deal; therefore, Queen should not have called out the interviewer for misquoting her. Here are some reasons why Queen needed to address the issue.

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    1) To maintain the kind of friendship she currently has with White Money

    She does not want to get involved in anything that might destroy the beautiful friendship she has with White Money. Judging by White Money’s reaction in the video, he was surprised to hear the interviewer mention that BbNaija housemate Queen called him “daddy” in an interview. He never expected such a nickname from her based on the impression he already has about his friendship with Queen.

    BbNaija housemate Queen

    While in the house, Queen was romantically attracted to White Money. She tried her best to promote their casual friendship to an intimate relationship. However, White Money did not put in the same level of energy because he felt otherwise.

    2) To avoid dragging fans back to her actions in the house.

    She does not want to be dragged by social media users over what transpired between her and White Money in the house. According to Queen, trolls dragged her online after she was evicted from the Big Brother Naija shine ya eyes house due to some of her actions. She believed she has gone past the incident, and won’t like to put herself in such a situation again.

    Meanwhile, the interviewer has apologised to Queen for the mistake. She mixed up Nini’s statement with that of Queen.

    Source: Instagram

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