A woman has died in a hospital after she was rushed there with severe burns

    a woman has died in hospital after she 898994453

    The woman, named Ebere, was set allegedly ablaze by her husband, according to a friend of hers mourning her on Facebook

    The friend said Ebere had travelled for her mother’s burial preparations and returned home without her luggage. When her husband asked why, she explained that she plans to travel again soon so didn’t think it necessary to bring her belongings back with her.

    This reportedly angered the husband and he poured petrol and set her on fire at their home in Lagos.

    Ebere’s injuries were so severe that she didn’t survive.

    The husband was also burnt by the fire he allegedly started and he’s receiving treatment in a hospital in Lagos, according to the friend of the deceased.

    Ebere’s death has started a conversation about domestic violence on Facebook.

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