Them pay my sister bride price almost 300K na 5K reach my momsy hand – Man laments – Vivsco

    A gentleman has taken to Twitter to weigh in on the misogynistic concepts that exist in marriage practices as it affected him directly.

    The user, @Chuki_emordi took to his page to reveal that his sister’s gift was paid fully , yet nothing was given to his mum who toiled for her daughter.
    Here’s what he tweeted;
    “Them pay my sister gift almost 300k, na 5k reach my momsy hand, elders share the remainder , so na the misogyny Ebele and Uloma dey talk since be this.
    Elders wey I never see for my life dey call my sister their pikin
    We need to dismantle this misogyny thing, assuming my momsy collects better money I for done see my share.

    The male privilege no even reach my side and that i dey fear to ask make them no send me go evil forest.

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