I pay More thank that for my 3 year old, 4.6 million naira school fees is cheap. – iROKO TV Boss.

    Jason Njoku has said school fees of 4.6 million Naira is cheap and he pays more for his 3-year-old
    A Twitter user had shared the provisional bill for a school in Epe, Lagos State, with school fees of 4,643, 901 Naira.
    “Is this fee actually worth it,” the Twitter user asked.

    And iROKO boss, Jason Njoku, who has 3 children, responded: “Most Nigerians don’t realise but most things in Nigeria are actually super cheap by African (forget global standards). 
    For Tier 1 education in Africa (forget about globally) this for boarding school is cheap. I pay more for my 3-year olds montessori school.”

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