Breaking: Fire outbreak at the popular Ajman market in Dubai, UAE (photos/video)

    Dubai fire outbreak
    A massive fire has engulfed the popular Ajman market within the United Arab Emirates (UAE).
    According to official reports, the fire broke out at 6:30 pm on Wednesday evening August 5, within the emirate’s new industrial area in Ajman, which isn’t too far-off from Dubai

    As at press time no injuries or deaths are recorded but properties and goods worth many dollars has been lost to the fireplace.
    The fire incident in Ajman has come but 24 hours after an enormous explosion rattled Beirut, the capital city of Lebanon killing a minimum of 100 and injuring quite 3,000 people.
    In videos posted on Twitter, fire services are often seen rushing to the Ajman incident site and it took frantic work of three hours by the fire service to place off the flames. Authorities are still accessing the market area to determine the explanation for the fire.
    Watch the video below

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