You don’t deserve to be respected by your wife if you don’t respect her – Actress Eucharia Anunobi

    Actress Eucharia Anunobi has called out amen who demand respect from their wives without respecting them.
    The Nollywood actress who stated that such men are not entitled to respect, further asked them to retrace their step and make a renewed commitment in rebuilding their marital relationship.
    Eucharia wrote;
    Wait ooo , So you think you’re ENTITLED to be respected by your wife when : you talk to her rudely , never compliments her , never thanks her for cooking the meals , never sweet talks her before expecting her to perform amazingly in the other room , always comparing her to other women , never hugs her expect when you intend getting down, ( now covid 19 is helping your ministry of distancing yourself from her ) talking down on her , her opinions and views .
    Sir , if you don’t make a renewed COMMITMENT to rebuild your marital relationship, you will only see the backside of marriage !! Please rebuild your wife now , because all women need attention and sweet talks !!!!!!!!
    Proverbs 31 : 31

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