UK Labour Party expels Mayor for saying ‘Boris Johnson deserves’ to be sick with Coronavirus.

    UK Labour Party expels Mayor for saying 'Boris Johnson deserves' to be sick with Coronavirus.

    Heanor Mayor, Sheila Oakes has been expelled from the Labour Party after making shocking comments about Boris Johnson’s health

    The UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson was hospitalized on Sunday because of Coronavirus and was placed on Oxygen the subsequent day as his health deteriorated
    Sheila Oakes, who is mayor of Heanor in Derbyshire and a Labour district councillor, posted the insensitive discuss Facebook on Monday night.

    Replying to a message calling for people to mention a prayer for the Prime Minister, Cllr Oakes wrote on Facebook: ‘Sorry, he completely deserves this and he’s one among the worst PMs we’ve ever ha

    Following outrage over her post, Labour leader of Amber Valley District Council, Chris Emmas-Williams, has said the party had withdrawn Ms Oakes from the party.

    UK Labour Party expels Mayor for saying 'Boris Johnson deserves' to be sick with Coronavirus.

    In a statement, he said he’s ‘appalled and really disappointed’ by her behaviour, adding she had apologised to him personally, on Facebook and BBC Radio Derby.

    As leader of the Council and Labour Group i’m appalled and really disappointed by the comments posted on Facebook by Cllr Sheila Oakes.

    ‘There isn’t any place in politics for private and hurtful comments regardless of how angry you’re . ‘I asked Cllr Oakes to get rid of the comments and apologise immediately after it had been delivered to my attention.

    In no circumstances am i able to or the Labour Group condone this type of behaviour, it’s not in being with the standards expected publicly life or office. ‘A full investigation will happen and appropriate action are going to be taken in line with the Labour Party rules and regulations.

    ‘Cllr Oakes doesn’t currently sit as a Labour councillor’.
    ‘We wish the Prime Minister, and every one who are suffering this awful disease, a speedy recovery and send love and solidarity to them and their families.

    ‘It would be inappropriate to comment further until due process of law has taken its course.”

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