We are preparing plans to introduce a law allowing rapists to marry their victims to avoid prosecution Turkish government

    The Turkish government is planning to introduce a new law that will allow men accused of rapingu underagegirls to avoid persecution by marrying their victims, a law which will have an outraged women’s rights campaigners who say the law will bring out the way for ‘Child exploration and legitimise child marriage and statutory rape’.


    The “marry your rapist” bill is set to be introduced to parliament at the end of the month. Although, the Turkey’s opposition party, the Peoples’ Democratic Party has called for the bill to be axed.

    The bill is set to be introduced to parliament at the end of the month ..with a name tagged ” Marry your Rapist” Although the Turkey’s opposition party, the People’s Democratic Party has called for the bill to be dismissed .

    Suad Abu-Dayyeh, a campaigner for Equality now,  according to him ” I appreciate the brave work of the women’s rights campaigner in Turkey who are

    Taking a serious stand against the ongoing discrimination bill and pushing back again to revert forces that are seeking to remove the current legal protections for girls.

    The ” Marry your rapist ” legal provisions have been on the longlist of countries across the middle East and North Africa.

    We appreciate all the long years of campaigned done by the Women’s right activist and lawmakers in , Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Moroco, Tunisia, and Palestine have all discarded all these loopholes in recent years .

    Rather than brings in laws that will harm women’s rights and protections, Turkish lawmakers should also take steps of these advances in cancelling gender discrimination.

    The United Nation ( UN ) says 38% of Turkish women haved suffered physical or Sexual violence from a partner.

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