Reasons for Religious Discrimination In Nigeria

    Religion is the confidence in the presence of God or divine beings and the exercises that are associated with the love of them

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    Religious segregation is the act of treating somebody or a specific group of individuals less genuinely dependent on their decision of religious group

    In Nigeria, Religious segregation is normal and here are a few reasons why

    1. Violence; When there’s violence or struggle in a specific area because of fear mongers or crooks who cause damage to others for the sake of religion. A great many people will start to create scorn towards that religious group.

    2. Disdain; We’re all human’s and sooner or later we as a whole vibe like what we show improvement over what others do. Accordingly we attempt to constrain individuals into our different religious groups. Some loathe others on account of the religious group they’ve pick while some produce disdain from those that victimize them.

    Alot of individuals have been denied openings for work due to the religion they have a place with which is extremely terrible

    3. Fanaticism; Some people simply find irrational motivations to segregate different religions dependent on their own convictions and conclusions.

    Guidance; we should all attempt to endure each other regardless of the religious group, ethnic or appearance we have a place with, Let’s attempt to quit segregating dependent on religious group and ethnic groups. We ought to likewise quit censuring others within the sight of others.

    So has anybody of you been victimized one way or the other? In the event that yes drop your story by answering

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