Marina’s Sister Testifies Against him Over Alleged Money Laundering.

    A Prosecution Witness, with Name Fatima Abdullahi, Younger sister of Mr Abdulrasheed Mains who is standing Court trial for Alleged Money Laundering and other offences has distances herself from all account said to have been opened in her name.

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    Mrs Fatima , who is a civil servant and also a resident of Kaduna, told the court that she and Mains are of the same parents.

    She also gave some evidence behind a screen where she only showed her face only to the Judge, Justice Okon Abang, while her voice could be heard clearly from the public address system of the court.

    According to her evidence in chief, she has never heard of a company called common input & investment Nigeria Ltd.

    She gave explain how she found out about the company, sometime in August , 2019 when she wanted to withdraw money form an ATM point of  a commercial bank and it was decline and on several inquiries from the bank manager, she was handed over to the EFCC for questioning

    According to her:it was the EFFC that told her of a company account registered in her own name where huge some of money has been withdrawn.

     the EFFC showed her a CAC incorporation form of the company where the name ” Fatima Samaila Abdullahi ” was stated together with her date of birth , but the telephone number number on the form was not her own number, it was a different number.

    Adding that the name, been stated on the form is not her name, as her full name is “Fatima Abdullahi”.

    Mr Fatima continued her explanation stating that even her own signature was not on the form, as well as the on another CAC form for Kangkli Digital and Drew investment

    Mrs Fatima also denied knowledge of shares that are been bought with her name in their company, adding that the photograph attached to the documents was a younger version of her before she got married.

    Meanwhile, the case has been adjourned to December 16 for cross examination and hearing of the bail variation application filed by Mr Maina.

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