I am fearless, I am prepared for Today’s fight, Anthony Joshua

    Former Former world heavyweight boxing champion, Anthony Joshua will fight to reclaim his lost world heavyweight champion Andy Ruiz as they battle in the boxing bout of the decade, which has been rated “clash on the dunes.

    Anthony Joshua

    The two fighter had their weigh-in yesterday in Diriyah, Saudi Arabia with Anthony Joshua coming in has the lightest.

    Contesting for the unified world titles against Klitscho, weighing in at 237 pounds. On the other hand Andy Ruiz weighed in the heaviest he has always been with a 283 pounds.

    The weights has triggered so pundits to so much favour Anthony Joshua to win the re-match due to his sheer athleticism and determination

    It’s not too long to who will be the champion, vivsco wishes all men the best of luck.

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