The Reason Why My Fiance Cheated On Me.

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    On Sunday evening I gave my fiance on phone and a guy pick up the phone, so I ask him that where is the owner of the phone and he answer me and said she is having her bath.
    Then for almost about 30 minutes she now called me back and I ask that who was that person that picked you call, she replied and said her brother. After we talk for a while I ask her to come over to my place so that I can take her out for Sunday groove, she now replied and said she is not going out for any groove, me while I don’t want to hurt her.
    Then I now went out alone, so when it became late at night I decided to go and check on her getting to her place I find out that she luck her door and nobody in, I picked my phone and call her and know her whereabouts.
    I called her for the first time she did not pick her call, for the second time she pick and I ask her where are you then she replied and said I’m at home.

    Immediately I don’t know what to do, and the truth is that she is was not at home, so every early in the morning I move to her place and immediately I got there a car was pack outside her house, then I go inside her room and find her playing with another man. Then I started crying.

    I don’t really know what to do, I love this girl.

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