Onitsha City Marathon Starts Today (photos)

    On Saturday the 5th of October, elite athletes from all over the world will grace the ancient city of Onitsha Ado N’Idu where they will compete with our home grown talents from every corner of Nigeria at the Onitsha City Marathon

    The IAAF supported, Obi of Onitsha endorsed City Marathon will be drawing thousands of spectators, while millions will be tuned into their radio and TV stations and online forums to keep up with the fast paced, adrenaline pumping race.
    The Marathon will be the most publicized sporting event in South Eastern Nigeria.
    Join us in the #JeweloftheNiger this October for the Onitsha City Marathon, the Ofala Youth Carnival that will hold on the 10th of October and the OfalaOnitsha that will take place on the 11th and 12th of October.
    This ember period, Onitsha should top your list of choice destinations as fun, educating and entertaining events have been lined up for you and your loved ones.

    Choose fun, choose Onitsha Ado N’Idu.

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    over 26 International elite athletes arrive Lagos for Onitsha City Marathon.
    The elite athletes from Kenya, Cameroon, Uganda, and Ethiopia who have competed in various international Marathons will arrive Onitsha tomorrow for the first ever IAAF, AIMS and AFN certified 21km Marathon in Nigeria.

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    William Ammons will participate, a 20-year-old from Swedru in the Central Region of Ghana won the 2019 Kwahu Easter Mountain Marathon (KEMM).
    He clocked a time of 2 hours, 29 minutes and 16 seconds in the 42-kilometre race which started at Nkawkaw and ended at Abene.
    He also participated at the Dubai Marathon and finished at 2:32:23.
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    Shaila | Alan | others from Kenya
    Deborah Pam | shagari | Adamu shehu musa | Emmanuel Giang | Genevieve Njoku | other Nigeria elite athletes.
    Starting line is Shoprite Onitsha.
    Everything is ready for Anambra to host the first South East international marathon (21km)
    Anambra is safe. Congratulations to us.
    Bunubunu family is sponsoring most of the international athletes for this race.
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