What is makeup primer? How to apply it

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    If you’ve spent a good chunk of your time doing your makeup for that night out with the girls, only to find it smudged and smeared after a few hours, you are making the mistake of not using a primer. No matter how luxurious your foundation and other makeup is, it’s no good without a primer. And if there’s one makeup product every single makeup artist suggests using to help your makeup stay put, it’s this magical product called a primer If you’re new to makeup, let’s begin with the basics and learn how to apply makeup primer the right way.

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    What is face primer? A primer helps to create an extra layer between your skin and makeup.
    When you’re spending your time and effort to do your makeup, it’s important to keep it insured, and primer, my friends, is that insurance. Whether you want to smoothen your skin’s surface, even out your skin tone, or cover large pores and fine lines, a primer takes care of all these jobs for you.
    Is A Primer Really That Important?
    YES! If you’ve seen primers at makeup counters, but never really thought that this extra step makes any difference, then think again. You do need the extra expense of a primer and adding this tiny step to your makeup routine makes a world of a difference. You’ll never fully understand this until you’ve tried it (I was a primer skeptic, but once I gave it a shot, I don’t think I can do without one. Ever.) What attracted me was the fact that it combines the benefits of both cosmetics and skin care. It does indeed, and my skin has never looked or felt healthier. You may wonder, how? The answer lies in its ingredients. No matter what skin struggles you’re experiencing, there’s a primer made for it, and it helps treat them while holding your look together.

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