Here’s ALL that Happened on Day 2 of Prince Harry & Meghan Markle’s Royal Visit to South Africa

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    The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry & Meghan Markle are on Day 2 of their Royal Tour in South Africa.
    Sharing highlights on the Royal Family Twitter page, here’s a lowdown on Day 2 of their visit:
    Today, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex attended several engagements in South Africa.
    These included, visiting a mental health service which supports young people, a Marine Unit which works to combat poaching and the oldest mosque in the country.
    Their Royal Highnesses also attended a Youth Reception at the British High Commission and marked Heritage Day – a celebration of the diversity of cultures in the country.

    At Monwabisi Beach, TRHs visited “Waves for Change” which supports vulnerable young people in under-resourced communities, providing them with “Surf Mentors” who use group activities to promote positive thinking.
    The Duke and Duchess also learned about the work of the UK’s Commonwealth Litter Programme, which funds research and action to tackle plastic waste.
    In his capacity as Captain General of The Royal Marines, The Duke of Sussex visited “Seal Island” with officers from the City of Cape Town Marine Unit (MPU).
    The Royal Marines have been providing training to the MPU and The Duke found out more about their work in combatting the poaching of Abalone (a type of sea snail), one of South Africa’s illegal wildlife trade concerns.
    In Bo Kaap, Cape Town, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex visited Auwal Mosque which was built in 1794. TRHs spoke with faith groups to find out about the work the do in the communities and viewed the first known Qu’ran in the country.
    See the photos below
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