Kogi management: APC NWC forever cleans Yahai Bellos Chahanger

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    The National Working Committee (NWC) of the All Progressive Congress (APC) approved the candidacy of Governor Kogi Babatunde Iruker to challenge the party’s governor. On Wednesday, Concis News in Abuja, in a statement signed by Malam Lanra Isa Onil, public relations minister, claimed that Irkera was able to fulfill the conditions specified in the nomination guidelines in a reasonable amount of time.

    There is. On August 26, the selection committee, chairman of the encouraging senator Uzodinma, issued a report and expelled Iruker from participating. Under the auspices of a group of Kogi delegations, several members of the agro-industrial complex expressed concern about the rejection of Governor Kogis Iruker on Wednesday.

    Kogi Amos Alpha, Magit Group Country Coordinator, said the group was owned by the National Agro-Industrial Complex Secretariat in protest of the disqualification of Iruquer. According to him, SZK must ensure justice for political parties so that the role of the Irker is fundamental. Alpha said: “You must take measures so that this party does not lose its nose.” Recall that the appointment of Governor Yahai Belu and three other doctoral students was approved earlier this week. Isa Onilu later issued a statement on Irukerra among unapproved candidates. He is more than a million N327.

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