Jonathan's former assistant knows today's fate for 1.6 billion scammers

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    The Lagos Federal Court today ruled in the case of former Presidential Aides Dr. Goodluck Jonathan for fraud worth 1.6 billion euros. Med. Wari Famo Oway Duda Fa Dudafa and Heritage Bank employee Joseph Ivesh faced trial against Mohammed Idris for money laundering in the amount of $ 1.6 billion. The defendant is currently awaiting a decision in court.

    The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) was sentenced by Seagate Real Estate Development Company and a limited investment company to violate Section 1.6 (a) of the Prohibition (Revised) Act for the cover-up of 2012 for a charge of about 1.6 billion accusations. , Sentence according to § 17 (a).

    They were also accused of falsely concealing criminal proceeds N399470,000.00, including Avalon Global Property Development Company Limited. The EFCC said the Dufa wave “bought” the resources of Iwejuo and Ebiwise from June 1 to 4, 2015, to cover 150 million crimes. Other companies used for money laundering include Pluto Property and Investment Company Limited, Rotato Inter Link Services Limited and Fast Food and Restaurant De Jakes Nigerian Limited. In court, Fahda said the EFCC “tortured” him when he was in custody to detain him.

    Connect Jonathan. He said he had a spinal cord disease while in custody. He was denied proper treatment and had to write a statement.

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