Van Bisaka told how Mason Greenwood surprised him at Manchester United.

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    Aaron Van Bissaka said Mason Greenwood was amazed at his ability to play on both legs at Manchester United. The 17-year-old Greenwood joined United on a seasonal Ganska Solskyaer tour this season, introducing United in place of two new season opening games.

    Van Bisaka admitted that he was impressed by all the stars of the Academy of the first team, especially their dangerous abilities. But Greenwood’s talent caught his attention after he entered the Crystal Palace through a summer window.

    Van Bissaka said in a joint review, “surprised everyone since the start of the preseason.” “How they come together, they don’t worry when they hit the ball. I like it: fear, take risks, the player likes. What is the quality of Mason’s legs? ”

    When I heard that Greenwood prefers to play on the left, Van Bisaka added: Do you know where to go if the player is one-armed.

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